Security-informed safety

Cyber security is reshaping how we create and manage safety cases. This 1 day training course is packed full of useful pointers on how to integrate security into your safety case.

With sessions on safety and security in control systems, security concepts, building secure systems and security assurance and standards this is an excellent starting point for all safety engineers looking to become familiar with security in safety cases. Takeaways include comprehensive course notes, an extensive reading list and where to find more information.

Dates and Locations

Who should attend?

Safety engineers responsible for safety and security assurance of computer based systems.

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to enable safety engineers to:

  • Understand the risks that cyber security threats pose to the safety of systems
  • Know how to design systems that are both safe and secure
  • Assess whether safety systems are adequately secure
  • Know when to seek specialised security advice

Course programme

Duration: 1 day

Session 1: Safety and security in control systems

  • What is the problem
  • Malware
  • Threats to industrial control systems
  • Some plausible scenarios

Session 2: Security concepts

  • Dependability
  • Security concepts
  • Security controls
  • Safety and security

Session 3: Building secure systems

  • Security principles
  • Secure software development
  • Platform and network security
  • Security Myths

Session 4: Security assurance and standards

  • Assurance
  • Security-informed safety cases
  • Security standards