Adelard provide expertise in the safety of aviation, which includes areas such as aircraft, (fixed wing and rotary), UAVs, air traffic control systems, air defence systems, C2, communications and simulators.

We offer consultancy expertise in many areas of aviation, including standards development and deployment, safety consultancy, Independent Safety Auditor services, system and software evaluation and applied research. Our Assurance and Safety Case Environment (ASCE) tool is used on many major aviation projects and is fast becoming almost a standard tool for safety management aspects.

Safety in the aviation domain has been driven by capability requirements, particularly the use of the latest technology and software. There is an increasing centralization of regulation for both civil and military operations to ensure consistency across geographic and legal boundaries. Civil standards are also applicable in the most part to military aircraft certification (particularly transport and training aircraft) and supporting systems such as Air Traffic Control and Air Defence under the reasoning that these should be “as civil as possible and only as military as necessary”.

We have been approved to offer airworthiness management and related safety services within the MOD Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS 5).

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