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Analysis of Software

At Adelard, we are experts at using advanced static and dynamic analysis techniques to assess the software used in safety-critical systems. Static analysis is one of the most successful techniques used to build confidence in the reliable performance of software, and to identify subtle errors. We have extensive experience both in development and research of static and dynamic analysis techniques and in their application as part of safety justifications. We can assist customers in selecting combinations of techniques to achieve the desired level of confidence in the reliability of a system.

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Assessment of Software Development

The development process followed for safety critical software influences the reliability of the software. Adelard provide clients with an assessment of their software development processes and the potential effect these may have on the safety of their systems.

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The advancement and adoption of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are a crucial innovative disruption. However, to benefit from these innovations within security and safety-critical domains we need to be able to evaluate the risk and benefits of the technologies used: in particular we need to assure ML-based and autonomous systems. Adelard has experience in working in the area of assuring autonomous systems and systems with AI/ML components.

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Hazard and Threat Analysis

Hazard analysis is a key part of Adelard’s overall system safety assessments. We use hazard analysis to identify potential weaknesses in a system that can then be addressed by technical or operational changes that will enhance the system’s safety.

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Adelard acts as both Independent Safety Auditors, Independent Safety Advisors and Independent Safety Assessors (these terms are all abbreviated as “ISA”).

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Adelard undertakes contract research studies for industry, including both long-term national and international projects or short term projects for single industrial clients.

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Safety and Assurance Cases

Adelard has been at the forefront of the development and deployment of safety and assurance cases. We develop assurance case methodologies, assist our clients in deploying them on a wide variety of systems and provide training and tool support.

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For a system to be safe, it also has to be secure. Otherwise, a safety critical system – one that can harm or injure people – could provide attackers with a potential mechanism for causing widespread damage or panic, and it is credible that such systems could become the target of malicious actions. Adelard have been developing and deploying an approach to security-informed safety based on a risk assessment methodology and the use of structured safety cases based on claims, arguments, evidence (CAE).

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