Assessment of software development

Adelard provide clients with an assessment of their software development processes and the potential effect these may have on the safety of their systems.

In some industries, it is important to be able to show that a standards-compliant process has been followed, whether an international standard such as IEC 61508, or a company internal standard. In general, a disciplined process with defined milestones and verification activities increases confidence in the quality of the outcome.

Our work in this area is based on several industry standards, including the following:

  • We have assessed a number of systems against IEC 61508 in several sectors including nuclear and transport, and Def Stan 00-55 in the defence sector.
  • The industry standard in the UK nuclear industry for assessing smart instruments is Emphasis assessment. Adelard conduct Emphasis assessments of smart device manufacturers on behalf of nuclear licensees. We participated in the development of the technique, we develop and maintain the Emphasis tool and are now the leading independent company in conducting Emphasis assessments, having produced the first SIL 2 assessment.
  • We assess software develop process against specific industry standards. For example, we have performed several assessments against the nuclear Guidelines for the Assessment of Software Having Only a Modest Integrity Target (Migs).

For more information about how Adelard can help to provide safety assurance of software development processes, please get in touch.