Adelard provides expertise in the safety of aviation, which includes areas such as aircraft, air traffic control systems and air defence systems.

We offer consultancy expertise in many areas of aviation, including standards development and deployment, safety consultancy, Independent Safety Auditor services, system and software evaluation and applied research. Our Assurance And Safety Case Environment (ASCE) is used on many major aviation projects.


The defence sector covers the procurement of equipment by the Ministry of Defence and the putting to use of that equipment in training and operations.

Adelard supports the defence sector through a combination of safety engineering support, Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) services and policy development. The Adelard Assurance and Safety Case Environment (ASCE) is used on many major defence projects in the UK and internationally.


Adelard supports the finance sector with the assessment of operational and systemic risks supported with our expertise in the trustworthiness of computer-based systems.

Adelard has worked on a number of high profile nationally financial significant systems providing hazard analyses and risk assessment.


Adelard is working collaboratively with the housing sector to help it understand safety cases and how best to develop and deploy them within their organisations. Adelard’s mentoring programme will introduce you to ASCE, our software environment specifically designed by Adelard for the creation, maintenance, and communication of safety cases.

Medical Devices

Adelard offers services and tools for supporting risk management and demonstrating regulatory compliance for the approval of medical devices in both the USA and Europe.

Achieving regulatory compliance is a crucial stage in bringing a medical device to the market. The production, compilation and presentation of documented evidence that the device is acceptably “safe and effective” can be as challenging as the design and development of the medical device itself.


Nuclear power is an increasingly important energy source. Safe delivery, operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities is therefore a major concern.

Adelard delivers a range of services to the nuclear licensees and regulators in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world including assessments against internal, national and international standards, and evaluation of system architectures and behaviour.


Adelard offers a number of services and tools to the railway sector, including a course on security-awareness for railway safety engineers and advice on the security implications of modern signaling and communications technology.

Adelard's work has been presented to members of the Office of Rail Regulators, the Railway Safety and Standards Board, the European Railway Agency, and the Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers.

Road ecosystems

Adelard has experience in working in the area of assuring autonomous systems and systems with AI/ML components.