Introduction to structured assurance cases

Our training course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts and good practice in structured assurance case development. The course covers both CAE and GSN notations, and it also introduces the ASCE tool and discusses its role within the assurance case development cycle. The course can be taken on its own but it also provides a great foundation for participants attending the ASCE training course.

Who should attend the training?

Assurance and risk professionals that are looking to apply an assurance case approach within their business.


Dates and locations

  • 6th February 2023 – remote training course

Course information:

  • Duration: 2.5 hours

Course summary:

  • What is an assurance case - purposes and uses
  • Basic concepts
  • Challenging and reviewing your assurance case
  • Overview of the CAE and GSN notations - similarities and differences
  • Commonly used building blocks to create defensible arguments
  • Differences between the live assurance case and generated reports
  • Role of tool support in scaling the assurance case
  • Overview of the ASCE product and its role in assurance case development cycle