As Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) we judge whether appropriate and adequate safety requirements have been defined for a system, and whether these requirements are met and will continue to be met.

This judgment provides assurance to those supplying or operating the system that it is sufficiently safe to justify its use or an analysis of why it is not safe.

Adelard offers ISA services across a range of domains. In particular, we have worked on a wide variety of projects in the defence sector, including: fast jets, helicopters, C2 and communication systems, UAVs and simulators.

We have been approved to offer ISA and related Safety Management services within the MOD Framework Agreement for Technical Support (Specialist Technical Support) (FATS/STS) agreement.

Organisations may also need independent assurance that the environmental impact of a system has been appropriately assessed (Independent Environmental Audit). Adelard have also been approved to offer Environmental Audit and related Environmental Management services within the MOD FATS/STS framework.

To discuss how Adelard can meet your needs for independent safety assurance, please get in touch.