Product and services from Adelard


Adelard helps clients achieve confidence in a connected and computerised world. We have wide-ranging experience of assessing the safety, security and resilience of complex systems and components. We work in many different sectors - nuclear, rail, defence, aviation, financial and medical – supported by a diverse, international team of highly experienced consultants.

ASCE Product

ASCE – the Assurance and Safety Case Environment, is designed to make management of safety information and demonstration of regulatory compliance easier, more efficient, and more cost effective. It reduces project and system risk through effective communication of the safety argument and associated evidence.



Adelard offers a portfolio of training courses that include:

  • Designing the assurance case in ASCE
  • Security and the assurance case
  • Assurance cases for Medical devices
These courses range from one day to several weeks, and can be delivered remotely, at our London offices, or at clients' preferred locations. Customised courses can be provided on request.