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Robin Bloomfield, keynote speaker at Safety-Critical Systems Symposium (SSS'21)

Professor Robin Bloomfield, partner at Adelard LLP, will be delivering a Keynote presentation at Safety-Critical Systems Symposium on 10 February 2021 at 2:00pm (GMT).

Robin will introduce the why, what, and how of Assurance 2.0: A Manifesto. Assurance 2.0 has been developed in response to the challenges posed by new developments including systems in which major functions are driven by machine learning as well as the persistent issues of effective and timely assurance. This modernised framework can enable innovation and greater automation. Perhaps unexpectedly, it does so by making assurance more rigorous, with increased focus on the reasoning and evidence employed, and explicit identification of defeaters and counterevidence.

The paper authored with John Rushby, SRI International, is also available on arxiv.

Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2021 (SSS'21) will be held online 9-11 February. Tim Kelly, a past director of the club, will give the opening talk.

Keynote presentations are from: Robin Bloomfield, John Holmes, Peter Ladkin, Davy Pissoort, Harold Thimbleby and Simon Whiteley.

Emma Taylor and Patrick Hudson will be giving evening talks.

Primary themes are: Embedded Systems, Future Assurance, Internet of Things, Software, Security Informed Safety, Human Factors and Safety Culture, and Systems involved with Covid-19.

The SSS’21 online sessions are free, but you must be a full SCSC member to attend. See for further details.

To discover more about Assurance 2.0 please contact us.