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MOD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) renew commitment to Adelard’s Assurance and Safety Case Environment (ASCE).

Adelard LLP is delighted to announce the renewal of a contract for the continued use of ASCE within DE&S Air Operating and Weapons Operating Centres. The contract signed in March 2019 covering both operating centres will run for 3 years.

The Air Operations Centre currently utilise ASCE across most of the DE&S Air Domain Teams in creating and managing the Platform Safety Assessments for Combat Air, Air Support and Helicopter Platforms such as Typhoon, Lightning, Hawk, Apache, Merlin and Chinook.

Safety cases are an integral part of designing and operating assets and help the MOD conform with the Military Airworthiness Authority (MAA) regulations. ASCE is utilised to develop and manage the equipment safety arguments, which gives MOD in-theatre operational duty holders access to safety information tailored directly to their needs.

The Weapons Operating Centre (WOC) utilise ASCE to produce safety and environmental case submissions to obtain a Certificate of Safety for Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (CSOME). CSOME is a mandatory requirement within the MOD to permit a weapon system to be taken into service.

This significant contract renewal endorses the value ASCE has brought to DE&S and demonstrates a commitment to a long-term relationship between both parties.

Robin Bloomfield, Partner at Adelard LLP commented, "We are delighted DE&S has once again placed their confidence in Adelard with this contract. We welcome this renewal as acknowledgement of the capability of ASCE and to the team that supports it."

Bloomfield added, “These are exciting times for ASCE. We have a major announcement about our new ASCE 5 release planned in the next few months that will demonstrate our commitment to its future.”

ASCE is a software product for the development, maintenance and communication of safety and assurances cases. Using ASCE instantly shows the current 'state of play' of the safety or assurance case as well as enabling stakeholders to understand how system safety is being demonstrated over the system lifecycle.

Additionally, ASCE has found application for managing safety and assurance cases in DE&S In-service submarines, Surface combatants, and Future submarines.

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