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Adelard wins contract to streamline release into service process for the ATM safety case for the Queen Elizabeth-class (QEC) aircraft carriers.

Adelard LLP in conjunction with Osprey Consulting Services will be assisting DE&S in modernising its existing safety case and compliance matrix for Air Traffic Management (ATM) for the QEC aircraft carriers.

The project will support the Release into Service Process (RiSP) for ATM equipment and will involve Adelard in creating a structured argument within ASCE, its Assurance and Safety Case Environment. The structured argument will be based on the existing ATM safety case and compliance matrix and will take advantage of ASCE features to manage evidence artefacts and improve safety case maintenance. Additionally, the project will create a proof of concept for managing all aspects of building, reviewing and maintaining the equipment compliance matrix.

The process developed will support key stakeholders in the project, including the Capital Ships Strategic Class Authority and Osprey Consulting, as well as the reporting and communication with the Duty Holders, MAA and ISA. Osprey currently provides safety advice services to the Capital Ships Strategic Class Authority and has contributed to the development of the current safety case. Osprey will be an integral part of this project.

Using ASCE will ensure that evidence and data can be effectively managed over the duration of the program. ASCE will also assist DE&S in better managing the impact of change, such as change in regulation, evidence change and the cumulative impact of small changes.

Adelard has already assisted BAE Systems with the capture of the QEC platform safety case in ASCE and the awarding of this contract is further proof that ASCE is becoming an integral part of safety and assurance case design for DE&S.

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