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Adelard launches ASCE 5 and new support website

Adelard LLP has released the fifth generation of ASCE with a host of new updates aimed at bringing operational improvements to the development, maintenance and communication of assurance and safety cases.

ASCE 5 is the culmination of a major commitment by Adelard to modernise the application and safeguard customers' investment in the software for many years to come. The revised software leverages on powerful graphical libraries and the full set of components of the Microsoft .NET framework. As a result, ASCE 5 offers a modern, yet familiar user interface with windows docking capabilities and support for high resolution monitors.

Licensing has been enhanced with the addition of cloud based floating licensing, allowing a pool of users to benefit from sharing seats. Customers can now choose to mix node-locked (single user) licences with floating licences to produce a licensing estate that best meets their business needs.

Other operational improvements include a new table view with composite sorting, columns grouping, searching, hide/show specific columns and enhanced export options. Printing a network now has a dedicated print view window with new features, and for customers with existing networks, forward and backward compatibility with ASCE 4 is supported.

Customers with a current support and maintenance contract can update to ASCE 5 free of charge.

For further details of ASCE 5 please visit our ASCE page or contact us.

Released alongside ASCE 5 is a new customer support website designed specifically as the ‘go to’ place for all your ASCE requirements. The website will host,

·   a comprehensive knowledge database to assist you in finding answers to everyday questions on ASCE

·   ASCE 5 software download, and

·   the facility to contact our support team.

The support website is available to all customers with a current support and maintenance contract.