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Organisations that operate trains in the UK are required to develop and maintain a Railway Safety Case. This must describe arrangements for managing and validating change, without compromising the safety of the train or rail network. Adelard have undertaken a number of projects relating to railway safety on behalf of UK government and the UK rail industry, including:

  • Investigating the security implications of ERTMS, a major industrial project that aims to replace the many different national train control and command systems in Europe
  • Developing a security-awareness course for railway safety engineers
  • Developing methodologies for security-informed safety
  • Engagement with standards and policies

Our work has been presented to members of the Office of Rail Regulators, the Railway Safety and Standards Board, the European Railway Agency, and the Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers. We are also actively pursuing research in this area and have produced a number of peer-reviewed papers.

Please contact us if you require any further information on the services that Adelard can provide in the railways sector.