Dr Sofia Guerra

Sofia Guerra

Position: Partner

Sofia Guerra has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science (1989–1994) and a PhD in Mathematics (1999), both from Lisbon Institute of Technology, Portugal, and a BMus (1990). Prior to joining Adelard, she was a Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, University College London, where she was working on Requirements Engineering.

Since joining Adelard in 2000, she has led numerous projects funded by the UK, French, Finnish, US and Swedish nuclear industry, regarding the safety assessment, justification and reliability estimation of a variety of software-based systems, including the assessment of smart devices software, PLC-based systems as well as FPGA-based systems. She has been involved in writing standards and regulations for licensees, and she leads a number of research projects funded by the nuclear industry internationally.

In addition to the nuclear industry work, Sofia was part of the Independent Safety Advisor/Auditor team for several UK defence projects. She was registered as a software expert with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK and has assessed the software component of several medical devices.

She is internationally recognized as an expert in the area of dependability assessment and justification of software-based systems in the nuclear industry, and is frequently invited to give talks on these subjects.

Sofia Guerra is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT Professional. She is responsible for Adelard's Quality Management System.

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