Professor Robin Bloomfield

Robin Bloomfield

Position: Partner


Robin Bloomfield attended St John’s College, Cambridge, has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and has been a chartered engineer since 1985. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014, the citation reads “Distinguished for international leadership in the engineering of safety-critical systems containing software. Eminent for his leadership as Founding Partner of the engineering consultancy Adelard LLP and as Professor of System and Software Dependability, Centre for Software Reliability, City University London.”. His work in safety and security in the past 30 yrs has combined policy formulation, technical consulting and underpinning research.

Prof Bloomfield has held a variety of professional and honorary posts. He was an independent member of the UK Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (NUSAC). He was the UK member of NATO Research Task on dual use technologies and co-chaired the 2007 Joint US-EU workshop on ICT-Enabled Critical Infrastructures and Interdependencies. In recent years he has been a member of the UK Treasury Engineering Infrastructure and Interdependencies Expert Group (EIEG) and is also a member of the IAEA expert group developing a guide on the Evaluation and Dependability Assessment of Software for Safety Instrumentation and Control Systems at NPPs. His team at City University is part of the UK National Research Institute on Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems. He is also Assistant Editor in Chief of IEEE Security and Privacy.

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