Dr Philippa Ryan

Philippa Ryan

Position: Principal Consultant



Philippa is a principal consultant at Adelard, and has worked in the field of safety critical software engineering for over 17 years. She joined Adelard in 2016.

Philippa completed her masters in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, University of Leeds and received her PhD in Computer Science from University of York.

She has significant experience in safety assessment for software and FPGAs, working on projects within numerous domains including defence, nuclear, automotive and avionics. This has included work on assurance cases, design and verification processes, independent evidence assessment and software verification. Philippa has contributed to the standardisation of the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) used for assurance case development.

Philippa is a member of two UK Safety Critical Systems Club working groups developing assurance guidance for Autonomous Systems and Service Oriented Architecture. She is also a member of the British Computer Society.

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