Professor Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop

Position: Chief Scientist



Peter has BSc and MSc degrees in Physics and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Engineers and the IET. 

He formerly worked on C&I systems for the electrical power supply industry, combining practical developments with longer term research studies. He participated in the development of the CEGB standard process–control system (CUTLASS), which was used in the majority of electrical power plants in England and Wales. He was heavily involved in the assessment of the computer-based protection system used at the Sizewell B nuclear power station. Longer term research work included collaboration with international partners on the use of formal specification, verification and testing, software diversity and fault tolerance.

At Adelard, he has been involved in national and international research projects on the assessment of critical systems. He developed the CAE notation for assurance cases and a methodology for security-informed safety assessment. He has undertaken safety assessments in nuclear, military, telecommunications, air transport medical and rail transport sectors. 

He is an internationally known expert in the field of software reliability. His research work has been reported in a wide range of books, journals and conference proceedings. He was editor of the EWICS book on dependability techniques for critical computer systems He is also a Professor at the Centre for Software Reliability, sharing a joint chair with Robin Bloomfield.

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