Luke Emmet

Luke Emmet

Position: ASCE Consultancy & Training Lead



Luke has an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Aberdeen and an MSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Manchester. He then joined Adelard, working as a human factors safety specialist looking in particular at human factors issues of complex command and control systems. He led Adelard's ISA team for two military air traffic control systems and contributed to a range of consultancy and safety policy based projects within the Defence, Rail and Nuclear sectors.

Working as the lead developer and software architect, Luke designed and led the development team for Adelard's flagship software product ASCE - The Assurance and Safety Case Environment (ASCE), implementing the graphical notation for Claims-Arguments-Evidence, and extending the concept to support structured narrative, hypertext and traceable evidence integration.  He has led the development of a wide range of ASCE extensions and integrations with a range of 3rd party products, including MS Office, PDF, IBM DOORS, eCassandra, Modular GSN, and other specialist safety tools.

From a standardisation perspective, Luke is a member of the Object Management Group's (OMG) System Assurance Task Force, and is an author of the OMG Argument Metamodel (ARM) and Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM) standards, chairing the finalisation task force for SACM 1.0. ARM and SACM are an international standardisation effort defining a vendor neutral interchange format for safety and assurance cases. He is a member of the GSN working group that develops and maintains the GSN standard.

He has extensive experience in consulting and training on safety and assurance cases as well as the effective use of ASCE and its integration into a range of organisational contexts. Luke is currently the Consultancy and Training lead for the ASCE product.


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