Gareth Fletcher

Gareth Fletcher

Position: Senior Consultant



Gareth is part of the consultancy team at Adelard LLP. He primarily provides specialist consultancy in safety and security assurance of complex systems, and has worked across multiple industries, including civil nuclear, defence, transport and medical. He has expertise in risk assessment, security-informed hazard analysis, and an understanding of safety industry standards and regulations, including approaches to safety demonstration.

Gareth also works in Adelard's autonomy area researching novel techniques and methods for assurance of autonomous systems, including medical and security devices, and autonomous vehicles.

He has a background in experimental high energy particle physics researching on the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Completed his MSc in Physics and received his PhD from the University of Sheffield. He has also worked in software development for computational medicine. All of this has provided him with in-depth expertise in data science and statistical analysis, and a wide range of technical skills.

Gareth is a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP).

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