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Adelard LLP is delighted to announce that MOD Defence Munitions has demonstrated its commitment to ASCE by renewing its contract for the continued use of ASCE through to the end of March 2019. In doing so MOD Defence Munitions has aligned its contract with the MOD's other contracts in Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).

ASCE is a software product for the development, maintenance and communication of safety and assurance cases. Using ASCE instantly shows the current 'state of play' as well as holding all your corporate knowledge and experience for the lifetime of the asset.

This significant renewal sees all Defence Munitions sites able to develop and maintain full site safety and environmental cases for the storage and maintenance of munitions.

In addition to being able to produce and maintain a full site safety and environmental case there are a number of other advantages such as greater transparency and critical insight that the software brings to Defence Munitions safety and environmental cases. This helps to assure the site is safe by identifying any weak areas that if unchecked may lead to unacceptable risk.

Using ASCE has brought a number of cost and time saving measures to Defence Munitions that include:

  • The ability to use ASCE to collate proof in one place, producing reports and assisting in audits with less on-site visits required by those conducting the audit.
  • The safety and environmental case is visible to other munitions sites who can take advantage of investment made in safety and environmental cases by others across the organisation saving duplication of effort.
  • The ability to hold the corporate knowledge in ASCE and promote a more open way of working.
  • Checks and reports on whether the most up to date evidence is being used and that reports are being updated when they should be.

Safety and environmental cases are an integral part of designing and operating processes and procedures and help the munitions sites conform with Regulations including health and safety, environment and explosives regulations.

This significant renewal represents a clear statement of the value ASCE has already brought to the MOD and a commitment to a long term relationship between both parties.

Robin Bloomfield, Partner at Adelard LLP commented that "It is fantastic news that Defence Munitions are renewing for an extended period as this clearly demonstrates the value ASCE has achieved and will go on to achieve."

Bloomfield added "At Adelard we value highly the close working relationship with Defence Munitions, as we do with all customers, and remain confident that our relationship will continue to deliver results for all the MOD organisations using ASCE."

ASCE has found application for managing safety cases in DE&S Air Operating Centres, Submarines and Command and Control systems and is approved for use on the DII (Defence Information Infrastructure) system.