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Claire Jones Prize

Claire Jones was a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh from 1985-89, where after she went on to work as a Research Fellow in the University's Department of Computer Science.

In honour of Claire Jones, a previous member of the Adelard team, we actively promote the advancement of great female minds in the area of Computer Science. Adelard sponsors the prize for Best Performing Female MSc Student at the University of Edinburgh. This prize recognises the talent, knowledge and tremendous efforts of those who will no doubt go onto the make significant contributions to the world after the completion of their degree.

Most recent prizewinner

Carolin Scholl


On 29th November 2018, Carolin Scholl was awarded the Claire Jones prize by University of Edinbugh’s Head of School at the Informatics Forum.

Carolin Scholl was studying toward an Artificial Intelligence MSc degree and recently completed her thesis, “Pruning over-representations in stochastic latent encoder models”. Her thesis can be found via the list of outstanding projects

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