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ASCE Training

Adelard's ASCE (Assurance and Safety Case Environment) is a powerful, flexible and intuitive system for development and maintenance of assurance cases and delivery of assurance case reports.

We offer a one-day ASCE course (the Foundation course), provided at our offices in London. For more experienced users, this can be extended into a two-day course (the Advanced course). Note that attendance at the Foundation course is not required to attend the Advanced course. However, a good level of proficiency in using ASCE is highly desirable to get the most from the Advanced course.

Why invest in ASCE Training? 

    • To ensure that you get the maximum from your investment in ASCE
    • To build knowledge, competence and confidence to achieve personal and company objectives
    • To learn how to configure ASCE so that it works for you in your environment
    • To understand how to develop Claims-Argument-Evidence, and Goal Structuring Notation arguments in ASCE
    • To use ASCE to communicate more effectively with your customers and stakeholders

On-site Training and Private Courses

For larger groups, we can provide a private course at your location. Please contact us to discuss this option or to enrol on any of our upcoming courses.

ASCE Training in Australia

Nova Systems and Acmena are the approved Adelard training partners for this region.

For further details of upcoming training courses and booking, please send enquiries to or

Foundation ASCE Training - Course Programme

Duration: 1 day


The ASCE Foundation course provides an introduction on how to use ASCE across the assurance case lifecycle, focussing on the development of a “standalone” assurance case:

  • Development
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Submission

At the end of the course, you will be familiar with the assurance case approach and you will be a practitioner in using the main ASCE features for assurance case development.

The training is provided as a mix of presentation, product demonstration and hands on user exercises with ASCE itself.


Basic IT skills

  • Experience with Microsoft Office

Basic knowledge of assurance and assurance cases

  • Understanding of the general principles of risk regulation
  • Familiarity with the role of assurance cases in your own regulatory context
  • Familiarity with basic risk management principles

Awareness of the basic concepts and use of CAE or GSN in structured arguments is desirable, but not essential

Course summary:

Overview and context - the assurance case approach

  • Introduction to the assurance case approach
  • The assurance case life-cycle and ASCE

Using the main ASCE features for assurance case development

  • Starting ASCE and online help
  • Basic structure creation and editing
  • Content editing, and linking to supporting files and evidence
  • Understanding and managing larger cases
  • Printing, exporting content as HTML and creating Microsoft Word reports
  • Introduction to dynamic evidence integration using DNRs

Advanced ASCE Training - Course Programme

Duration: 1 day


The ASCE Advanced training course builds on the Foundation course and develops the concept of “living” assurance cases, including aspects of

  • Collaboration
  • Modular assurance cases
  • Dynamic evidence linking
  • Project management techniques
  • Other notations

At the end of the course you will have a deeper understanding of the full range of ASCE capabilities and how they can be applied.

The training is provided as a mix of presentation, product demonstration and hands on user exercises with ASCE itself.


ASCE Foundation course or equivalent level of experience.

Course Summary:

Evidence integration and change management

  • Dynamic linking with evidence (DNRs)
  • Configuration management

Collaboration and project communication

  • Factoring out and re-incorporation
  • Issues mapping
  • Scheduling reviews and updates

Stakeholder communication

  • Preparation of ASCE document
  • Exporting (recap)
  • Performing reviews

Good practice

  • Phrasing of node titles
  • Building and using reusable templates and models
  • Other ASCE applications (schemas/notations)

Fees and Registration

  • Foundation Course: £600 + VAT*
  • Advanced Course: £600 + VAT*
  • Combined Course: £1000 +VAT*

* Cost includes lunch, refreshments and all course materials.