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ASCE – the Assurance and Safety Case Environment is the most widely adopted commercial software for the creation and management of safety and assurance cases. It reduces project and system risk through effective communication of the structured argument and associated evidence. Using ASCE makes the management of safety information and demonstration of regulatory compliance easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.

Now in its fifth generation, ASCE 5 has a host of usability improvements and a new look to its user interface. A quick reference guide to the changes in ASCE 5 can be downloaded here.

New to ASCE 5 is the option to purchase a floating licence. A floating licence provides maximum flexibility by allowing a pool of users to share one or more ASCE seats. A guide to licensing models can be found here.

Released alongside ASCE 5 is a dedicated customer support website designed specifically as the ‘go to’ place for all ASCE requirements. More information about the website and other benefits of ASCE software upgrade, maintenance and support services can be found here.

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Improves visibility of the development and management of safety and assurance cases.

The ability to show the entire safety argument diagrammatically quickly identifies issues which require further attention to minimise risk. Whilst ASCE will produce a full conventional report it is far easier to look at a visual representation of the 'state of play'. As a result, it helps prepare for, and present evidence for, audits and reports.

Dramatically reduces the document management headache.

With multiple documents referenced in support of your safety argument the potential to overlook changes in one or more of those documents is high. ASCE, with dynamic and traceable document and web links, ensures that you reference the most recent, relevant or appropriate publications. Changes in the underlying documents are highlighted allowing users to easily assess the effect of the change on the safety case.

Provides a 'go to' place to locate all safety related information on a programme.

When senior executives, customers or auditors require a report or status update there is no longer any need to stop business as usual and dig out the required information, it's all in ASCE. With ASCE you can index and navigate to documents at source.

Produces production quality reports in minutes.

ASCE has a powerful reporting function to deliver conventional Word/PDF (produced to production quality), or as interactive HTML documents which can be viewed using a standard web browser. You can also check that reports are being updated when they should be.

Adheres to the structured argument approach preferred by many regulatory bodies.

The use of CAE (Claims, Arguments, Evidence), GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) or Bow-Tie notation supports the application of a methodical process and provides a more transparent way of working. Use of these notations encourages early identification of gaps in procedures, training etc, as well as helping to identify logical fallacies in the safety argument, or missing evidence which was erroneously believed to exist. Using ASCE allows you to communicate and justify (safety) compliance with the appropriate regulations.

Minimises delays in approval.

A well argued, evidenced and communicated safety report instils confidence in internal assessors, external regulatory bodies and independent auditors, which means faster approval and a more rapid return on your investment. ASCE can deliver auditors/assessors with the complete argument and evidence package (in HTML if preferred). This means auditors/assessors can more quickly assess the whole case saving time and money and reducing project or programme risk.

Promotes productivity.

Using ASCE the safety case can be updated as new procedures are added, revisions are made to equipment or new training is required. If external information is updated ASCE can track this via dynamic hyperlinks that trigger a review of these changes. Complex safety cases for Systems of Systems or programme variants can be developed and managed using ASCE’s Modular case facilities. Corporate experience can also be captured and reused in templates and guidance, all of which means more efficiency with less effort.

Promotes collaboration.

ASCE can be used across the whole organisation, allowing safety or compliance information to be shared by links to joint libraries, shared publications or other safety or compliance cases.

Improves corporate memory.

ASCE holds the combined knowledge and experience of your safety case developers. It doesn't matter if someone is off sick or leaves without a proper handover, it's all within ASCE.

Low cost of adoption.

ASCE permits integration with a range of document and evidence repositories, as well as easily incorporating processes. When combined with its ease of use and minimal training requirements, this means the ASCE environment can deliver value in a very short timeframe. Adelard provides a full suite of training courses in ASCE for both initial and advanced use. Additional training is available for safety case development using structured argument approaches for those less familiar with these notations and methodologies. More information can be found on our ASCE Training page.



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