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ASCE 4.2 FP3 (Feature Pack 3) is released

Feature Pack 3 adds recommended updates to ASCE 4.2 and is the third feature pack to be released for this version. System administrators should note that there are no changes to the core ASCE application, all feature enhancements are contained within the plugin architecture.

Supported users on ASCE 4.2.7, ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack 1 or ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack 2 can update directly using the installer to ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack 3. There is no need to uninstall the previous version prior to running the installer.

The main updates in ASCE 4.2 FP3 are as follows:

Plugin New Features Download Link
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Basic Access and Excel

Added support for macro-enabled spreadsheets (with .xlsm extension).

Accessible via the following Node editor option: Insert → Dynamic Narrative Region (DNR) → Basic Excel and Access plugin → Insert Excel Region → Path to spreadsheet.

Resolved problems following a recent Microsoft security update, which affected the functionality of extracting data from .xls files.

Download Basic Access and Excel plugin for ASCE v4.2

Microsoft Word Linking 

Added support for extracting information from read-only Microsoft Word documents.

Fixed an issue with one of the Microsoft updates affecting the plugin’s data extract functionality.

Download Microsoft Word Linking plugin for ASCE v4.2

Embedded Issues DNR

Extended the feature for creating a summary of embedded issues based on the ‘Owner and Completion’ status, in addition to the issue type.

Fixed an issue with the summary of embedded issues not working when a remote network option is selected.

Fixed incorrect titles in the search results table.

Once the plugin has been enabled, please make sure to update all DNRs using Tools → Check Plugin Regions (DNRs)... → Update all DNRs.

Download Embedded Issues DNR for ASCE v4.2

One Click Export (with relation to Linking to URL)

Corrected an issue related to the Linking to URL plugin, causing an out-of-memory error during oneclick export, when DNR containers are not removed.

Download One Click Export for ASCE v4.2

Linking to PDF

Usability improvement: added a friendly error message when a non-PDF file is selected in the plugin.

Fixed an error when browsing for a PDF file to link to a specific page (Insert link to PDF page option of the plugin).

Download Linking to PDF for ASCE v4.2

Folder Listing

Usability improvement: added a "Browse" button to improve navigation to the folder avoiding potential mistakes when typing a path.

Accessible via the following Node editor option: Insert → Dynamic Narrative Region (DNR) → Insert Folder listing → Click to set folder…

Download Folder Listing for ASCE v4.2



Node Mapping

Usability improvement: friendly error message displayed if a remote file has been deleted or moved from its original location.

Updates to the description in the plugin dialog to improve clarity and aid understanding. 

Download Node Mapping for ASCE v4.2

Node Numbering

Fixed an issue with the export path function traversing in a clockwise direction for any "sort child node" setting.

Download Node Numbering for ASCE v4.2

Modular GSN*

Added support for the Spectrum Indicator properties in Modular GSN.

Added support for custom/modified versions of the Modular GSN schema (when applicable).

Visual improvement to separate reference and title in the solution and to make Modular GSN more consistent with the standard GSN notation.

Away Solution node implemented in the schema to fully support the GSN community standard.

Download Modular GSN for ASCE v4.2

* Note for Modular GSN users: The new Modular GSN Schema will be available for new projects. If you’d like to convert any existing Modular GSN networks, please follow the steps below:

1. Back up your network.

2. Open the .axml file in a text editor and change the version letter in the following string (around line 7 in the file):

<interpretation-schema><![CDATA[Modular GSN 0.1d]]></interpretation-schema>


<interpretation-schema><<![CDATA[Modular GSN 0.1e]]></interpretation-schema>

Similarly, for the Architecture View, change the version from:

<interpretation-schema><<![CDATA[Modular GSN 0.1d - Modular Architecture View]]></interpretation-schema>


<interpretation-schema><<![CDATA[Modular GSN 0.1e - Modular Architecture View]]></interpretation-schema>

3. Save the modified file and open it in ASCE.

Note for all the existing customers: If you install the ASCE 4.2 FP3 on a machine that previously had ASCE 4.2 installed, you may need to re-enable the updated plugins via the ASCE plugin manager (see ASCE application Tools → Plugin Manager). Additionally, please note that as MS Office 2007 has reached the end of its support lifecycle, the MS Office requirements for ASCE 4.2 FP3 have changed to MS Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 versions. It is also recommended that customers update to Adobe Acrobat DC as the older Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader versions have reached their end of support stage.


Download ASCE 4.2 FP3