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ASCE 4.2 FP2 (Feature Pack 2) is released

Feature Pack 2 adds updates to ASCE 4.2 and is the second feature pack to be released for this version. System administrators should note that there are no changes to the core ASCE application, all feature enhancements are contained within the plugin architecture.

Supported users on ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack 1 or earlier versions can update directly using the installer to ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack 2.

The main updates in ASCE 4.2 FP2 are as follows:

Plugin New Features Download Link
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Embedded Issues DNR

New Feature to set the owner, due date and the completion status for actions/issues.

New search dialogue implemented to search for embedded issues by type, owner, due date range and completion status. Export of search results is available in either HTML or CSV formats.

The search dialog is available from the main menu by selecting Tools -> Embedded issues plugin -> Search for embedded issue option.

Download Embedded Issues DNR
for ASCE v4.2

Linking to Pdf

Extract and display a part of an image of a PDF page in a node.

A selection tool allows users to select the desired rectangular area from the PDF image (by dragging the selection handles/borders) and then crop the image to insert the selection into the node editor.

Available when users toggle “Hide/show cropper” in the following dialog in the node editor:
Insert -> Dynamic Narrative Region -> Insert Link to PDF -> Insert PDF Page image

The cropped images are added to the collection of imported images and can be displayed from any node in the network.

The resulting node content (including any cropped images) can be exported into MS Word documents.

Download Linking to Pdf
for ASCE v4.2

One Click Export

Ability to suppress certain DNRs and exclude them from generated MS Word documents.
The one-click export dialogue is enhanced with a section that permits the exclusion of specific DNRs.

DNRs that can be excluded are:

  • Embedded Issues
  • Resource Manager
  • Node review metadata


Download One Click Export
for ASCE v4.2

Basic Access and Excel

Usability improvement: a new "Show" button to open the specified .xls file. This will improve navigation to the file to identify the exact data range required (e.g. A1:E4 or similar). This range can then be added in the plugin's Data Range field.

Accessible via the following Node editor option:
Insert -> Dynamic Narrative Region (DNR) -> Basic Excel and Access plugin -> Insert Excel Region

Download Basic Access and Excel
plugin for ASCE v4.2

Node Review Metadata Manager

Visual improvements to make the DNR less obtrusive in the node narration.

Download Node Review Metadata Manager for ASCE v4.2

Node Numbering

The Node numbering dialogue now has an option to apply the numbering algorithm to "All nodes" or "Selected node types".

Using the selected node types provides the ability to exclude certain node types from automatic numbering (e.g. Strategies, Solutions, Other).

Implemented for all available numbering algorithms, as well as for the features to remove and reset node identifiers.

Download Node Numbering for ASCE v4.2

Note to the existing customers: If you install the ASCE 4.2 FP2 on a machine that previously had ASCE 4.2 installed, you may need to re-enable the updated plugins via the ASCE plugin manager (see ASCE application Tools->Plugin Manager).


Download ASCE 4.2 FP2