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ASCE 4.2 FP1 (Feature Pack 1) is released

Adelard's ASCE is the leading commercial system for the development and management of assurance cases and safety cases. Feature Pack 1 adds updates to ASCE 4.2.7 released in December 2015. System administrators should note that there are no changes to the core ASCE application, all feature enhancements and bug fixes are contained within the plugin architecture.

Supported users on version 4.1 can update directly to ASCE 4.2 FP1 without the need to install ASCE 4.2.

The main updates in ASCE 4.2 FP1 are as follows:

Plugin New Features Download Link
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One Click Export

Support for combined portrait and landscape layouts in MS Word documents. A new section break DNR is available in the node editor. On exporting, the DNRs are converted to MS Word section breaks with the content of each section displayed in portrait or landscape layout as necessary.

Support for footnotes in MS Word documents. A new footnote DNR is available in the node editor. On exporting to MS Word, the text added as DNR content is placed in a footnote section in the generated MS Word documents.

Support for custom link text. A new format of converted link display text is available in the export options to preserve custom link text when exported to a MS Word file.

Export paths sorting feature. The list of export paths is now lexically sorted by title in the drop down menu of the plugin export form.

New option to include node ID, node title or both into the headings in the exported MS Word document.

Easier selection of corporate MS Office templates with quick access to the default MS Word and ASCE template folders when exporting the document.

Updated ASCE template with an improved hierarchy of Appendix styles, MS Word heading styles, etc.

More elegant handling of One-click export errors when MS Word is not installed.

Support for MS Word 2016.

Download One Click Export
for ASCE v4.2

Basic Access and Excel

A new option to return cell formatting information when a MS Excel region is extracted and used within node narration.

Improved feedback messages to inform user of various issues of data retrieval and connectivity, missing driver files, mistyping spreadsheet name, etc.

Support for MS Excel 2016.

Download Basic Access and Excel
plugin for ASCE v4.2

Resource Manager

Batch or bundle rename of multiple file paths using textboxes to specify new locations.

A new feature to create a dynamically updatable list of resources inside the network. Implemented as a DNR that summarises all embedded resources cited in the current network within a node.

Download Resource Manager
for ASCE v4.2

Embedded Issues DNR

Feature to summarise local issues in a network subtree. Allows users to scan the subtree supporting the current node (a particular leg of an argument as opposed to the whole network) summarising local issues only.

Download Embedded Issues DNR
for ASCE v4.2

Node Review Metadata Manager

Feature to set the node review date. Ability to set any desired date in the future for the next review.

Download Node Review Metadata Manager for ASCE v4.2

Node Numbering

Additional node renumbering feature, new prefix options based on the full node type names.

Download Node Numbering for ASCE v4.2

Status Fields Editor

Bundle change of a node type and node title across the network.

Download Status Fields Editor for ASCE v4.2

Linking to PDF

Extract image of a page from a PDF file. This is a new DNR that allows a user to embed an image of a specific page from a PDF document in a node. The preview of the image is also available.

Download Linking to PDF for ASCE v4.2

Modular GSN

New plugin and related schemas to support the Modular GSN methodology in ASCE.

The following features are available:

  • Package/architectural level view, referencing sub modules
  • Modular GSN symbology for new elements and relationships
  • Public indicatiors for goals, solutions, contexts and other elements
  • Referencing "away goals/contexts" between modules
  • Function to update the package view to show references between the modules

Examples are supplied to demonstrate how to use the modular GSN extension in ASCE.

The plugin is offered as a cost option. Please contact Adelard for further details.

Note to the existing customers: If you install the ASCE 4.2 FP1 on a machine that previously had ASCE4.2 installed, you will need to re-enable the updated plugins via the ASCE plugin manager (see ASCE application Tools->Plugin Manager).


Download ASCE 4.2 FP1