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Upcoming events and training

  • 4th February 2020
ASCE Foundation
  • 5th February 2020
ASCE Advanced
  • 22nd April 2020
Assurance Cases for Medical Devices - Day 1
  • 23rd April 2020
Assurance Cases for Medical Devices - Day 2
  • 24th April 2020
ASCE, the Assurance Case Environment for Medical Devices- Day 3

Recent news and events

International conference on Safety and Security

Adelard was invited to present at the QA&TEST International Conference on Safety and Security held in Madrid on 27-28 March 2019. The conference focused on how to approach, in an integrated way, safety and security aspects of increasingly complex safety critical systems.

Adelard invited to expert workshop on “International assessment of safety assurance approaches”.

Dr Sofia Guerra, senior partner at Adelard, was pleased to accept an invitation from the Halden Reactor Project (HRP) to participate as a panellist at the expert workshop on “International assessment of safety assurance approaches” held in Rockville MD, USA.

Adelard publishes paper on Safety Demonstration of a Class 1 Smart Device

Horizon Nuclear Power intends to build advanced boiling water reactors at Wylfa and Oldbury in the United Kingdom based on the Hitachi-GE (Hitachi) design. In accordance with U.K. policy for new nuclear build, Hitachi, as the reactor designer, is the requesting party to the Generic Design Assessment (GDA), during which the reactor design will be reviewed by the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency. An important step in the GDA process is to demonstrate the viability of the approach developed by Hitachi-GE for the assessment and justification of smart devices. This was done by means of pilot studies of safety class 1 (SC1) and SC2 devices. This paper describes the scope, criteria, process, and approach for the SC1 pilot study and summarizes the results of the study.

Adelard and Energiforsk release feasibility study into Harmonised Component Level Safety Demonstration

In normal nuclear power plant development/asset management a number of components are exchanged each year. For each of these exchange projects a licensing/safety demonstration is required.

ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack 3 is released

ASCE 4.2 Feature Pack (FP3) is officially released and available for download.