Adelard delivers keynote lecture at ESTIC2019

Professor Robin Bloomfield, senior partner at Adelard LLP, was invited by the Witz Corporation to deliver the keynote lecture at its Embedded System Technology and Innovation Conference 2019 (ESTIC2019), held in Tokyo, Japan, July 25, 2019.

His lecture “How assurance can enable the next generation of Mobility Services” discussed the ability to build trustworthy systems - those we have confidence in- as a powerful enabler of innovation.  Implementing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will need new technologies including those associated with autonomous systems.

Professor Bloomfield, who is currently leading TIGARS*, an Anglo-Japanese research project on the Assurance of Autonomous Systems, went on to describe how TIGARS is tackling the assurance of the safety and security of autonomous vehicles. He highlighted the key areas that OEMs and suppliers need to consider and how the TIGARS results will provide practical measures industry can take to develop the mindsets and methodologies needed to assure MaaS.

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*TIGARS = Towards Identifying and closing Gaps in Assurance of autonomous Road vehicleS