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Adelard is pleased to announce that its new community website on Claims, Arguments, Evidence (CAE) is now live.

The website aims to inform professionals on the concepts and application of CAE and provide signposting to and downloads of relevant resources. Assurance cases provide a means to justify and challenge the trustworthiness of complex systems, with CAE focusing on the safety, security and system aspects. The site provides background information and resources about CAE and assurance cases from a variety of application areas, particularly from the Nuclear Industry, Medical, Civil Aviation and Defence domains.

With a curated assortment of resources, the website is designed as a repository of research, information and materials to help people get to grips with CAE.

Prospective users are invited to register to receive CAE related news and updates.

Designed to promote thought leadership and build a community we are keen to hear from you on the relevance of the content and what additional things you would like to see on the website. Please get in touch, with any offers of resources, additions or comment.