TIGARS: UK-Japan project on assuring autonomous systems underway

Adelard LLP is delighted to announce TIGARS (Towards Identifying and closing Gaps in Assurance of autonomous Road vehicleS), a project within the Assuring Autonomy International Programme (AAIP) at the University of York, UK.

TIGARS aims to improve the assurance of the first-generation autonomous systems currently being deployed, and how existing approaches for assurance need to change to address current and future autonomous systems. The project will take on and provide a cross-sector and international perspective. It is a partnership between Adelard LLP, City University in London, the University of Nagoya, Kanagawa University, and WITZ Corporation.

The assurance approach will be based on an analysis of engineering processes and technical analysis of autonomous vehicles, and will address resilience, formal verification, integrity static analysis, and security aspects. Our project aims to:

  • Identify current autonomous systems engineering approaches and identify assurance gaps. We will assess the current state of software engineering development practice and the feasibility of deploying current state-of-the-art static analysis, verification, and testing techniques.
  • Investigate how to address the assurance gaps with new analysis approaches based on verification of machine learning in both benign and adversarial environments, using simulation and test strategies, and an evaluation of defence in depth.
  • Provide recommendations to regulatory and policy organisations and standards developers on a principles-based framework to address autonomy, as well as on a near-term interpretation of existing standards.

The outputs of the project will be captured in public domain deliverables and input to standards and policy-making bodies.

Adelard LLP welcomes the additional support of the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and UK Department for Transport (DfT).

For more information about this project please contact us by emailing enquiries@adelard.com.

The Assuring Autonomy International Programme

The Assuring Autonomy International Programme is leading research, training and standards in the safety of robotics and autonomous systems. The Programme is a £12 million initiative funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York, and builds on the University’s 30 years of pioneering research and training in this field.