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Adelard delivers thought provoking Safety-Critical presentation to GitHub Tech Community

Safety-Critical systems are prevalent in our everyday life. Yet, despite the increasing use of software in these systems, the tech community as a whole is largely unaware of issues, processes, and standards that reign and govern them. The presentation, ‘Determining Software Safety in Critical Systems’ provides an introductory overview of safety-critical systems, and how the software used within  them, specifically, within the nuclear-energy industry, can be assured and verified up to standards that ensure our safety.

Heidy Khlaaf, presenter and Research Consultant at Adelard LLP encouraged the audience at GitHub Constellation to consider issues of system safety and dependability in ways they had not previously considered. Many found the talk and its suggestions to be enlightening and informative, as the audience members conveyed that they have never considered or realized the prevalence of safety and dependability to their technical eco-systems.

A copy of the presentation may be downloaded on the following link:

For more information on this presentation and to discover how Adelard may be able to assist you with assuring your own safety-critical systems please contact Adelard at