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Adelard LLP is delighted to announce the signing of a major contract for the use of ASCE within Magnox for safety and environmental case development and communication. The agreement is on a rolling three years basis and will see ASCE used on major projects and programmes to modularise safety cases across 12 decommissioning sites in the UK.

ASCE is a software product for the development, maintenance and communication of safety cases. Using ASCE instantly shows the current 'state of play' of the safety case as well as holding all your corporate knowledge and experience for the lifetime of the asset.

ASCE will allow Magnox to deliver more common approaches to safety case design across all its sites. With the 12 sites all being at different stages of decommissioning the ability to create standard safety case templates for each phase of the lifecycle brings productivity gains through re-use.

Entry into long term Care and Maintenance, a passive and safe state, is a key aspect of the decommissioning programme and ASCE will add value not only in managing the safety case but also in the capture of corporate knowledge. With Care and Maintenance programmes potentially spanning 60 years plus, it is imperative that Magnox capture this corporate memory for the on-going safety and security of the sites.

Robin Bloomfield, Partner at Adelard LLP commented that "This is a major contract win and we are delighted to be working with Magnox on this very important programme. The fact that a significant number of licenses have been purchased clearly demonstrates the value Magnox envisions in the use of ASCE."

Bloomfield added "It is an exciting time for all involved at Adelard as continued investment in the product division is already showing some very encouraging results."