Dan Sheridan

Position: Senior Consultant

Education and Qualifications
University of Cambridge, Honours degree in Computer Science (1996–99)
University of Oxford, MSc in Computation (1999–2000)
University of York, University of Edinburgh, PhD (2000–2006)

Current and previous project experiences
Safety assessment and consultancy:
Currently involved in a detailed review of IEC-61513 against IEC-61508

Software development and research:
(2000–2004) PhD in digital hardware verification; thesis entitled "Temporal Logic Encodings for SAT-based Bounded Model Checking"

(2002–2004) Contributions to and refactoring of the NuSMV model checker

Teaching Experience
(1999–2004) Demonstrating and tutoring and the University of York and the University of Edinburgh in a wide variety of courses including Logic for Philosophers and Algorithms and Data Structures.