ASCE News:

ASCE support

ASCE is fully supported by Adelard. We can provide tailored support packages that incorporate a range of the following services.

Technical product support

Technical product support is included with ASCE, for all customers on a maintenance contract, and included free for the first year of purchase.

We provide additional plugins and schemas to extend the functionality of ASCE.

For further details please see our support pages


ASCE training is available, either by attending our public training courses, or through in-house courses. ASCE Workgroup licenses include a day of onsite training. Contact us for more details. Our standard ASCE training courses are as follows:

  • ASCE Foundation - a 1 day course designed to bring you up to speed with basic use of ASCE, including content structuring, exporting and printing.
  • ASCE Advanced - a 1 day course looking at more advanced features of ASCE including benefits of plugins for content and evidence management.

We also provide training in related UK Defence Standards such as Def Stan 00-56.

Advanced technical support and development

ASCE is a powerful and flexible information management tool that can be adapted to a wide range of organisational settings. Beyond basic product support and training we can support you in the following areas:

  • Plugin development - for example to integrate custom in-house evidence sources into ASCE, or custom export facilities
  • Schema development - to develop new applications based on ASCE's general information management facilities

Please contact the ASCE team to discuss further

Consulting support

Adelard can providing consulting services to help with the content and structuring of your safety case using ASCE. We also act as Independent Safety Assessors and provide safety advice to projects. See our list of our consulting services for details.